Busking Rules

As a growing number of artists/musicians are visiting Clarksdale, it is possible for them to request to perform on 2nd Street outside the Museum to promote their artistry and music.  Busking can be arranged on 2nd Street, Clarksdale, MS, during festivals including but not limited to the 2nd Street Blues Parties, Clarksdale Caravan Music Fest, Sunflower Festival, Deep Blues Fest etc, or for individual performances during the week and on weekends throughout the year.  For information or to schedule a street performance outside the Museum call 901.605.8662.

If one chooses to participate as a street performer (busker) on 2nd Street outside the Museum, the performer is completely responsible for his or her performance and must agree to the following terms and guidelines:

  1. Street performers must allocate a date & time slot for themselves in advance.
  2. All fees, rights and royalties associated with the live performance of the street performer must be waived.
  3. The performance of the street performer may be recorded by the public. The name and likeness of the street performer may be used for promotion purposes by anybody.
  4. The street performer is responsible for relevant taxes if they collect gratuity.
  5. The street performer is responsible for his performance on 2nd Street and agrees to indemnify, defend, protect, and hold harmless the City, and their respective officers, organizers, directors, agents, members, associates and employees, business owners on 2nd Street, against any loss, damage, fine, penalty, claim(s) or other liability arising from the street performer’s performance on 2nd Street, Clarksdale, MS.
  6. Street performer will turn down the volume on their P.A. system to an acceptable level as directed by City officials or business owners. 
  7. Original material (own compositions only) must be performed. 
  8. There is no monetary compensation offered for any busking performance.
  9. The street performer can request the use of an outlet of electricity from a business owner.

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