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Les Paul . . . Vaya Con Dios

Les Paul has left the building at the age of 94.

When I lived in New York in the 90’s somehow we always seemed to miss each other.  Either I was out of town on business when he was performing or he was not performing the weeks I was back. You always think there will be a next time.

It's Elvis Week

It's Elvis week so let the Memphis madness begin.  Walking through our museum here in Clarksdale I wondered what Elvis symbolizes to me.  John Lennon said before Elvis there was nothing.  Perhaps true in the UK, but here in the US there was blues. Listen to Elvis early records--Milk Cow Blues, That's All Right and Mystery Train--all blues covers. …

Sunflower Festival HOT, HOT, HOT!

Another Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival has come and gone and in true Delta fashion August was HOT HOT HOT.  This year’s festival was dedicated to Sam Cooke and the festival kicked off with a Blues Trail marker dedication ceremony for Sam in front of the New Roxy Theater, highlighting his gospel roots  The festival brought back many regular blues enthusiasts and also gained some newbies!!! …

Museum Celebrates 12 Years

This month the Rock & Blues Museum celebrates it’s 12th birthday.  And how the time does fly, we’ve been in Clarksdale for three already.

Since the early days in Arum, in the province of Friesland, in The Netherlands, the museum has expanded and grown in scope (it helps when the building you now occupy is more than 3x as large).

Remembering Billy Lee Riley

Billy Lee Riley (October 5, 1933-August 2, 2009)

We are sad to report that another Sun artist has been lost. Billy Lee Riley (born in Arkansas on October 5, 1933) died on Sunday, August 2, 2009. I met him some years ago after a Memphis In May concert, where he played despite a bad hip.  …

My B. B. King Moment

When I visited the USA for the very first time in 1978, the first bluesman I saw performing live in Memphis was B.B. King together with Bobby Bland. I took some polaroid photos (you can barely see him) and kept the ticket stub (now on display in the Museum).

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