Foster Wiley, also known as “Mr. Tater” was a beloved “self taught” street musician here in Clarksdale.  We first met Mr. Tater outside of Ground Zero selling his CD in those first weeks we were new in Clarksdale.  Once our museum was established, he would include us on his “rounds”, park his lime green bike out front and come in and have a Coke, chat for a while and sometimes join in an impromptu jam, playing the guitar and singing along with Theo D on the keyboard.

Besides entertaining blues fans and tourists throughout the city, Wiley was a familiar face at local clubs and blues festivals in Clarksdale.  Usually you could find him at Cat Head out front sitting on the bench, strumming and singing.  On Sundays he was at Club 2000 hosting a jam.  As one of the last remaining original Delta blues musicians, Wiley has been featured in such documentaries as M for Mississippi, and news outlets like CNN, the BBC and The New York Times.  He wrote his own songs and his own music.  He released numerous albums in the course of his life. He never sang the same song twice and was a great showman.

Foster Wiley passed away on September 10, 2010 at the age of 63. He was his own man with an unique sound....

You can see our tribute to Foster Wiley, “Mr Tater, the Music Maker” in the Clarksdale Scene exhibit room in our museum.

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