Record, CD, and Souvenir Shop

NEW,  USED,  AND COLLECTIBLE VINYL LPs, 45s and 78s are on sale along with new and used CDs in the Museum’s Record, CD and Souvenir store just insidethe museum building.We are your primary source of vintage vinyl in Clarksdale.  Come in and browse our selection to add to your collection.  The selection of Vinyl LPs and 45s includes blues, rock ‘n roll, jazz and country.  

If you are specifically interested in vintage blues, rock and country 78 rpm records.  we suggest you call 901.605.8662 and schedule an appointment with Theo, as the 78s are not on the shelves.  We can package 78 rpms with sturdy carton in order to avoid breakage.

We also have blues CDs in stock featuring local artists such as Terry Big T Williams, James "Super Chikan" Johnson, LaLa, Daddy Rich, the late T-Model Ford, Robert Belfour, Robert Bilbo Walker, Watermelon Slim, Leo “Bud” Welch and others.

Museum Gift Store

Theo “Boogieman” Dasbach’s latest CD “Blue Boogie” with 10 of his new songs is on sale for $15 and Theo D will gladly autograph your CD if he is around, just ask! 

For the Blues Beginner, check our reasonably priced compilation CDs for sale such a “Tales of the Blues” and “Breaking my Heart Blues.”

Even cylinder records (wax rolls) from the early 1900s are available; and some  8-tracks too!

Also available are Museum t-shirts in blue or black with our famous frog on guitar logo design in sizes S, M, L, XL as well as 2X, 3X and 5X.

Our store also features postcards, posters, collectable & vintage buttons, stickers, jewelry, art work and funky handbags.  Elvis, the Beatles, and Sun Records and other memorabilia are also for sale.

Posters (some with autographs) of the annual Clarksdale Caravan Music Fest, the 2nd Street Blues Party and others are for sale.

The famous Mississippi Blues Musicians Map poster is available again!

Please note that all proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support the Museum's mission, upkeep and improvements. So by purchasing an item you support our museum.

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